a Division of Technical and Business Services, LLC

  • We help companies meet the complex regulatory & best practice standards needed to grow business in the food & beverage supply chain.
  • We are accrediated as a training center that provides the FDA official curriculum for "qualified preventive controls individuals" under the Food Safety Moderization Act (FSMA) of 2011. Dr. Larry Hood an accredited Lead Instructor for the official Preventive Controls for Human Food Preventive Controls (PCQI) workshop.
  • We are licensed by Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) as an SQF Training and Consulting Center and are  the original recognized SQF Training and Consulting Center for the state of New Jersey.
  • We review companies' quality and food safety system documentation and provide corrective actions required to implement preventive controls as outlined in federal regulations contained in 21 CFR 117 Subpart C - Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Controls.
  • We prepare your employees for compliance audit site inspection interviews through training and mentoring.
  • We benchmark your operation for its compliance against regulatory and GFSI standards for food safety, quality, and occupational safety requirements.
    We use only "plain talk" when helping your company.
    We provide a trainer and consultant with experience and knowledge gained during a career spanning 30 + years in the food industry. This included hand's on management of manufacturing, regulatory, product development, food safety, and quality.
  • American Food Safety Services (AFSS) is an accrediated training center for the International HACCP Alliance.  AFFS was founded by and is under the leadership of Dr. Larry L Hood; is a division of Technical and Business Services, LLC based in central NJ.
  • Education: Dr. Hood is a graduate of the University of Illinois. He also earned his M.S & Ph.D. from Michigan State University with specializations in food microbiology (pathogenic species), thermal processing, and food biochemistry (protein structure & function).
  • Dr. Hood has over 30 years diversified food industry experience, including technical, regulatory, food safety & quality, management and line assignments within the food and beverage manufacturing and ingredient supplier sectors. These have included branded organizations such as Quaker Oats, Continental Baking, Johnson & Johnson, Inc. (Splenda regulatory approval), Celanese-America and S.C. Johnson (Diversey).
  • Dr. Hood is one of the 1st 35 accredited trainers registered by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) as a certified trainer for FDA's Preventive Controls for Qualified Individuals (PCQI)  curriculum required under 21 CFR 117.
  • Larry  is:   a licensed SQF Institute Consultant & Trainer for 20 conventional and high risk food categories;  accredited by the International HACCP Alliance as a Lead Instructor;  a qualified SQF Auditor;  an OSHA trainer.  He's among the first registered SQF Trainers and Consultants in North America, helped write early versions of the SQF Code, served as a member of several SQFI committees, including the Technical Committee and has assisted the SQF Institute with SQF auditor training.
  • Dr. Hood has more than 30 scientific publications and patents in the fields of  food science, regulatory affairs and food safety.